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Ridley's Family Markets is a family owned and operated business. Jerry and Connie Ridley have been in the grocery business for over 25 years. They started Ridley's in 1984 with a small grocery store in Payson, Utah. In 1986 the sold that store and opened one in Orem, Utah. A couple of years later they sold that store and purchased a store in Jerome Idaho. Since then they have seen their company grow to a small chain of 13 stores - Blackfoot (2003), Buhl (1998), Gooding (1988), Jerome (1988), Kimberly (2002), McCall (1994), Middleton (1997), Pocatello (1998), Rupert (1988), Tremonton (2004), Weiser (1999), Hyrum (2005), and Boise (2005). Through this growth Jerry and Connie have kept Ridley's a family operation and are still active in running the company. Ridley's prides itself on being a hometown food and drug store that employs members of the local community who enjoy serving their neighbors while working at Ridley's. Ridley's employs approximately 600 of these community members between its' 13 stores. It is these employees who have helped Ridley's grow over the past two decades to serve more communities and customers through offering superior customer service. It is this service combined with an unyielding demand for the highest quality foods that keeps Ridley's customers coming back.
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