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Mi Pueblo Food Centers, winner of the 2009 Hispanic Retail excellence award, began serving customers in 1991 under the leadership of Juvenal Chavez, the company's founder and current Chairman and CEO. Mi Pueblo now has 20 stores located throughout Northern California and continues to grow. We opened 5 stores in 2010. This is the opportunity to join Pueblo Food Center’s employees in taking pride in serving the fast growing Latino community of Northern California. Mi Pueblo Food Centers is well known for providing high quality traditional Latin American food products and for its commitment to personal service at a great value. We strive to create an aura of nostalgic pride and tradition at our stores every day, so while shopping our customers are reminded of the best traditions of home. We believe that our commitment to educating and training our staff will enable us to consistently provide our customer with the highest quality products and outstanding service. This is the time to mark your footprint on our company’s history, so apply today! Mi Pueblo is committed to developing a diverse workforce reflective of the communities we serve. Mi Pueblo is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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