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Searching for jobs and posting your resume is not only easy, it is also free and confidential. We understand the ability to remain confidential is crucial to job seekers currently employed. Rest assured your profile and resume can be posted anonymously if you chose, avoiding the risk of your current employer stumbling upon your resume.

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  1. Employers really want to find you and the easier you make being found, the better your chances of obtaining the ideal job. Some Employers choose not to post positions, but instead use only our resume database, in which case posting your profile is your only opportunity to get noticed.

  2. Enhanced features are available to only those who post a profile, like saving jobs of interest, adding individual notes to your saved jobs, and creating a record of all positions you have applied for.

  3. No need to find your resume every time you apply for a job because it is saved in your account, which allows you to apply to jobs from any computer.

  4. You can create agents to notify you every time a new position is posted that matches your background.

  5. Receive periodic emails from announcing new jobs in your area of expertise.

  6. Completely confidential. You can choose to make your personal information available to employers and recruiters or you can post completely anonymously. By posting confidentially, you’ll know when opportunities in your field open, without wondering if your boss knows you’re looking. © 2012
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