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Grocery Employers and Recruiters FAQs

Why is superior to other job boards?

Because the candidate profiles are anonymous, you have access to the passive, as well as the active job seekers. Our Grocery industry specific search parameters enable you to conduct searches without the need to sort through hundreds of non-related candidates.

Why is this cost effective?

In comparison to other means of securing candidates (i.e. executive recruit, advertising, job fairs, general job boards, etc.) our site is very cost effective and targeted toward your needs in the grocery sector.

How current are the candidate profiles?

Candidate profiles are updated a minimum of every 180 days by the candidates, or sooner at the candidate's discretion, should their circumstances change. Candidates who do not renew their profile after 180 days are deactivated in our database. The date last updated is shown next to the candidate number so you know when the candidate last updated their profile.

What does my subscription include?

Our Full Subscription includes unlimited specific criteria/keyword searches, unlimited job postings, canned messages for emails, candidate tracking lists, and Automatic Candidate Notification Agents. We also offer a Job Posting Only Subscription that includes unlimited job postings for the length of time you choose (one month, three months, six months or yearly).

What are specific criteria searches?

Instead of using keywords and finding useless resumes, you can use specific criteria (salary, location, product experience, etc.) to search through the candidate profiles. We also give you the ability to search by keyword if you prefer that method, but your search will get the best results by using our specific criteria searches. © 2012
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