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Emge Foods LLC

PO Box 29238
Indianapolis, IN 46229
Company Information:
At the turn of the century, Pete and Barbara Emge, a couple with a knack for bringing out the great taste of quality meats, purchases a retail meat shop in Fort Branch , Indiana . Over the four years, Peter and Barbara invented new delicious recipes for Sausage, Hot Dogs, and Bologna and developed unique techniques for curing flavorful Bacon and Ham. By 1906, the success of the Emge Meat Shop's rapidly growing wholesale business required larger facilities. In that year, Peter Emge purchased a 40-acre tract of land on the southwest edge of Fort Branch . Emge Packing Company was located on that land until 1999. After World War I, demand for the Emge products increased, and a curing and cooler building was added to the production facilities. In September of 1922, fire destroyed a major portion of the plant. However, rebuilding began immediately and the business was able to resume limited operations by January of 1923. In 1924, the Retail Meat Shop downtown was sold, and full attention devoted to the wholesale business. Salespeople were hired to cover the Vincennes and Evansville areas. Because of Emge's increased popularity, the processing facilities needed to comply with Federal Meat Inspection standards. Throughout the early 1930's, building were planned and added until, in 1935. Federal Meat Inspection was granted, and the first Emge meat products bearing the Federal Inspection Number 205 were produced and sold. Emge products could now be sold in any of the 48 sta

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